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Massage Therapy Success

Massage therapy in itself is both an art and a science. This entails exerting pressure over a certain body part using fingers, fist, elbow, feet, or in some cases equipment.Focus in mostly placed on deep tissues,soft tissues,and muscles A massage can be carried out whilst the client is in any of the following positions: Lying […]

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Tips for beautiful skin

Beautiful skin:Existing skin types Have you ever taken time to establish  what your skin type is? Or are you among those who only know of  the common skin types,i.e normal and dry? Recently i discovered that there are close to 10 skin types as decribed by Dr.Megan Mathews.It is thus important for each of us  […]

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Beauty Procedures:Beware!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This statement has however resulted in many women subjecting themselves to expensive and painful procedures. All this is done so as to meet societal expectations of what defines “beauty” Most women who give in to such beauty enhancing procedures are known to do so without doing a […]

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Nail Beauty Secrets 101

Ever wondered why people put so much effort in beautifying their nails? There are individuals known to invest time and money in enhancing their nail beauty? These individuals know the importance of following nail beauty secrets that are not just basic but also of great necessity Nail beauty: Importance Beauty is in the eyes of […]

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