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Juvenile diabetes:What next?

Juvenile diabetes Recent studies indicate an increase in cases of gestational diabetes  among  pregnant women and juvenile diabetes among children. Children, teenagers and early adults  usually suffer from Type 1 diabetes. Juvenile diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus in medical terms Causes of juvenile diabetes This can be genetic or as a results of […]

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Gestational diabetes: A Must Know

Gestational diabetes   forms part of the various forms of diabetes Diabetes is a lifelong illness that is caused by an individual’s inability to control high sugar levels in the body due to lack of sufficient insulin in the blood or one has too much insulin in the body making it hard for the body to […]

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Managing Diabetes Through Diet

Given the rise in cases of diabetes amongst the young and old, there is need for people to go for routine medical check-ups to know their status. Symptoms of Diabetes The onset of diabetes is many at times undetectable. Hence reason why anyone with the following predisposing factors should go for a diabetes test: Family […]

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Is Your Child Enroute to Acquiring Diabetes

Cases of diabetes among children are increasingly becoming common worldwide.Kenya is no exception. Diabetes in Kenya A recent survey released by Kenyatta University shows that children are  increasingly becoming exposed to lifestyle illnesses like diabetes. This trend is informed by the sedentary lives of most children due to factors like lack of play facilities at […]

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