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proper child nutrition

Proper Child Nutrition

Child nutrition is a sign of love Did you know that parenting is all about setting standards to be followed by your children in many areas of their lives? These range from the clothing; schooling; play groups; TV programs to watch, plus what to eat That said, it is every parents desire to have healthy […]

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Massage Therapy Success

Massage therapy in itself is both an art and a science. This entails exerting pressure over a certain body part using fingers, fist, elbow, feet, or in some cases equipment.Focus in mostly placed on deep tissues,soft tissues,and muscles A massage can be carried out whilst the client is in any of the following positions: Lying […]

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Importance of Investing In Child Health Care

What  are parents doing to enhance their children’s health care? The cold season is finally here and everyone seems to be more concerned with how long it will last. This is because August is associated with short rains. But I guess that our negligence in tending the environment has resulted in the current unpredictable weather […]

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Health Care Benefits:Considerations

There is always need for individuals to do a thorough evaluation of existing health care benefits provided by insurance companies. The analysis will be informed by the needs of the insurance cover beneficiaries, who could include: An individual A family Corporate group Share this:

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