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Career Advice in Schools

It is very important for schools to employ competent career advice staff. Many school curricula  do not deal with career choices as a subject. This may lead to lost generations and wasted opportunities. Lower Primary Career Advice It is possible to identify career traits in children as they play. An observant parent or teacher should […]

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Higher Learning in Kenya

How to pursue higher learning in Kenya An individual’s  enrollment in higher learning programs in Kenya is dependent on his/her academic performance. The education system in Kenya consists of nursery education, primary, secondary and tertiary. Education in nursery schools takes at least three years, primary eight years, secondary four and university four – six years […]

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Higher learning

Higher Learning In Kenya:Disturbing Trend

The Kenyan higher learning institutions hit the spotlight again for the wrong reasons Following the death of Mercy Keino, a Kenyan university student, there have been reports of the increasing of the rot within our higher  learning institutions It is every parent’s dream to have their children enroll in the best of the Kenyan higher […]

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