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HIV in Kenya:Much remains to be done

HIV in Kenya Status: Have we done enough to address matters regarding HIV in Kenya?This article seeks to she more light on this. HIV and AIDS continue to be a disaster in many African countries. Kenya is no exception. Prevalence: Kenya has an estimated population of 39 million and estimated adult HIV prevalence of 7.1% […]

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Role of the media in reaching women infected with HIV

According to the World Health Organization, women and girls account for majority of the persons infected with HIV. Their vulnerability to HIV infections is a result of their poor socioeconomic standing, low literacy levels, lack of bargaining power in their relationships, amongst others Share this:

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World AIDS Day 2011: Commitments Made

This year saw the launch of the world AIDS Day 2011 in different countries. The Theme for the  world AIDS Day 2011 was,” “Getting to Zero.” Zero New HIV Infections.Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths. According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS,otherwise referred to as UNAIDS,countries are required to move towards the actualization […]

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HIV and Alcohol:Risks Involved

HIV and Alcohol  related issues ought to be addressed immediately  by the government Recent research studies have shown that HIV prevalence in Kenya has stagnated at approximately 6%. While this reduction in HIV prevalence from 10%, there is little to celebrate about. Share this:

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