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Marriages: why extended families are a threat

Marriage and Extended Family: A marriage takes work and effort between two persons. In as much as the two individuals symbolize a union between two families, there has go to be boundaries set beyond which the extended family cannot interfere with. However, our African and Kenyan culture for that matter makes it hard for some […]

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Men:Why care for your Health?

Men: Why care for your health? Why do men always assume that they must be “MACHOISTIC” in every way possible? Is this because of the way society perceives men especially in so far as their health is concerned? When was the last time that you heard of a man who rushed to the hospital because […]

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Magical Relationship Words

Importance of using magical relationship words: Are you looking forward to having “happily ever after” type of relationship?Interested in making your partner interested in   experiencing a magical relationship with you? Is it possible to have a magical relationship in an era where there are so many hurting relationships? Are you in a troubled relationship but […]

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Mothers:Can we do without them?

Mothers:Can we do without them? Where would we be without our mothers?Why did God give us mothers? Mother,Mom,Mummy,Mama,Mum.These are the terms used to describe the most important women in our lives.Women who not only undergo abuse in some families for not conceiving ,but also  who have to undergo traumatic deliveries due to poverty or negligence […]

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