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Low cost travel

Low cost travel is accessible in Kenya Whilst on holiday in Kenya or just traveling within Kenya, one need not spend an arm and a leg on transport. Kenya is a land of diversity when it comes to transportation. The common modes of transport in Kenya that are available at low cost include: Low cost […]

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Holiday in Kenya

Having a holiday in Kenya needs to be everyone’s life goal. This is so because, Kenya as mentioned in my previous articles is a holiday hot spot all season.  Kenya does not  also have extreme weather climates experienced in other countries Why have come for a holiday in Kenya? Kenya’s beauty is spread across 8 […]

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About Kenya

Information about Kenya? Traveling to a new country or geographic location can prove challenging due to lack of information. Kenya has a population of over 39 million people, who fall under 42 tribes. The country is further divided into regional administrative blocks which have unique features. The core business of this website is to provide […]

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